Spalding , founded by Albert Spalding in Chicago, in 1876, currently focuses on basketball, mainly producing balls but also commercializing hoopsrims, nets and ball pump needles.

we at Spalding have been true to the game. We ignite the inner confidence that lives in athletes of all levels, across the globe, and enable them to play their best game. We protect the integrity of sport because of our passion for the will behind the work. Our heritage of quality products is what makes us stand out and you excel. Explore our journey to discover why we are an icon in sports and innovation.

We are the ones who are geared to go on and on, one with the winning spirit and one that wants to make history.

Spalding , in India is Licensed & marketed by  Soccer International Pvt ltd , a renowned sports good manufacturer with a reputation par excellence which has been exporting to different parts of the world. Soccer International has  a nationwide presence through a strong dealer network& exemplary relationship with sporting bodies & associations.

We, at Soccer Internationalare strong believers in the tenet – “Everything is Possible” and this mantra lends itself to the creation of revolutionary sports equipment for the sporting fraternity in India. Amongst a plethora of sports equipment being manufactured for various sports are-  football, basketball, volleyball.

Using bespoke insights and inventive technologies, we have pioneered Thermofusion technology in India and that is embedded in world-class footballs we make. Honored and humbled at the same time, we are proud to be associated with FIFA. Honored by the overwhelming response we’ve got, we have bettered our best with our remarkable products. With our flagship brand Stealth, we have qualified for the ‘FIFA Quality Pro’category. Trident, another state-of-the-art product has helped us qualify for ‘FIFA Quality’ and Thunder has helped us qualify for the IMS certificate. We also represent world renowned International brands in India as exclusive partners. These are: Slazenger, Dunlop, Yasaka, and have also nurtured our home brands VIVA Fitness, VIVA Bikes, VIVA Skates and VIVA Swimming which are leaders in their own respective categories.

In these exciting times for the sports industry, we are fundamentally changing the future of sports at a very fast pace. Our presence in India is helping sports industry clients make better decisions.